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Dog Epilepsy – Symptoms, Causes and Natural Solutions

Dog epilepsy is very like epilepsy in people or other animals. To the onlooker, the symptoms can be highly distressing as they tend to be violent. The muscle spasms can be strong, making the limbs move or jerk. The head can be thrown back. There can be involuntary howling. There is often incontinence. There is usually salivation. And afterwards, there may be incoordination for as long as it takes the dog to recover.

dog epilepsyPeople witnessing these seizures for the first time can be forgiven for being greatly concerned and for feeling powerless. But to help your dog the most, you need to be calm, rational and supportive of the dogs needs. So if you need calming first, then you might like to consider taking some Rescue Remedy! Remember, the nurse is as important as the patient and an over anxious person will further stress the dog; hardly desirable at this (or any other) time.

Although each epileptic fit can be seen as an acute situation, the underlining cause is deep seated, or chronic in nature.

Each dog will have different periods between the fits, as each dog, their reaction and their cause is different.

Epilepsy is a nervous disorder. It is most probably a man-made disorder, as are so many ailments. I doubt if a wild dog would ever get epilepsy. If they did, they would be unlikely to breed and so the problem would die out, if it ever was.

One of the most obvious causes of any nervous disorders are vaccines. The various chemicals used in vaccines are known to cause both nervous disorders and convulsions. No dog should ever be given a vaccine if they have a known history of convulsions. To do so would be highly negligent of duty of care.

The only veterinary solutions available are anticonvulsant drugs, which are broken down into barbiturates by the body. All these do is to lessen the symptoms. They don’t cure the problem. They are also toxic and will strain the liver with long term use.

Homeopathic treatment offers a deep acting healing process to any condition, as it doesn’t treat the condition, but rather the patient with the condition. This means there is no condition that homeopathy cannot help heal in anyone, dogs included.

How does homeopathy help dog epilepsy in particular?

First and perhaps foremost, it relies on the accuracy of the human telling the story. If you know when the convulsions started and have a record of the vaccines, it may be possible to see a direct connection, which can be invaluable to a homeopath.

Even if you can’t recall when they started, if you can recall the exact symptoms of the seizures, this can be helpful. If you have used veterinary medication since, current symptoms are unlikely to be enough, as the drugs will have altered the dog’s natural expression. (It is generally not recommended to stop the medication suddenly or without guidance.)

If you can’t recall either of these scenarios, all is not lost! Homeopathic treatment is very flexible and although it is of enormous help if you know the cause, the dog’s character can be enough to lead a homeopath to the healing treatment.

Other symptoms or behavioural changes may also be of use in selecting the most appropriate treatment.

How long before you see results? That will depend on many factors – how long the dog has had the convulsions, how long they have been treated with drugs, how severe the seizures are, how often they are as well as the dog’s general state of health is.

If you feed your dog a quality, natural, species-specific diet, they will have a stronger immune system and will be able to recover more quickly. If your dog is not subject to unnatural stresses such as being left alone all day or no exercise, then again the recovery will be swifter.

However, in most cases, recovery is likely to be slow. But don’t be dismissive, as slow but sure results will get your dog to the end. So be prepared to work with your homeopath or homeopath vet for as long as it takes, as long as you are both satisfied with the progress.

Dog epilepsy can be successfully healed with good homeopathic treatment.


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