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Dog Epilepsy – Symptoms, Causes and Natural Solutions

Dog epilepsy is very like epilepsy in people or other animals. To the onlooker, the symptoms can be highly distressing as they tend to be violent. The muscle spasms can be strong, making the limbs move or jerk. The head can be thrown back. There can be involuntary howling. There is often incontinence. There is usually salivation. And afterwards, there may be incoordination for as long as it takes the dog to recover.

dog epilepsyPeople witnessing these seizures for the first time can be forgiven Continue reading


Natural Anti Inflammatory Options For Dogs

Whilst mainstream veterinarians will tell you there are no such effective choices as natural anti inflammatory options for dogs, or any other animal, this is not true. What is true is that this is how they have been trained. So they will prescribe NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

inflammatoryHowever, those people who have their dogs on such medication (or are taking them themselves) tend to see the side effects Continue reading


Autoimmune Diseases In Dogs – What You Can Do

Autoimmune diseases in dogs is, sadly, on the rise. Many die from it. The veterinary treatment of it is largely useless. In fact, vets really don’t understand this at all. This is a time where the so called ‘miraculous medical advances of the 20th Century’ really come acropper.

autoimmune diseases in dogsWhy? Because they are part of the problem.

Western medicine really doesn’t understand health at all. They are, for the most part, in the firm grip Continue reading


Itchy Dog Causes Lead You To Natural Solutions

An itchy dog tends to mean there are a multitude of problems going on, which I will try to explain in this short article. Once you can appreciate what it means, then you can spare yourself expensive veterinary treatment and your dog’s feelings when they resist medication. You can do this because the solution is obvious. And simple.

itchy dogMost people can appreciate that an itchy dog indicates a problem with their skin, but most simply think its fleas. But why should fleas flourish on some dogs and not others? Fleas aren’t a great problem on wild dogs, so why are they on domestic dogs?

Fleas are part of the miraculous workings of nature. They are attracted to those beings who Continue reading


Natural Pet Food Is Vital To Good Health

Natural pet food is complex. We don’t fully understand the complexities of food and its importance. But one thing is known by those who search for the truth; and that is a species-specific diet is vital to the health of everyone, your pet included.

natural pet foodMost people with a pet rely on commercial pet food, with little thought to how nutritious it might be. This is understandable when you realise that most people don’t feed themselves with nutritious food, instead relying on junk food, fast food, restaurant food, anything other than real food.

The fact is, food is vital to health. If you, or your pet, are not eating nutritious (ie quality), species-specific Continue reading