Good health advice for our dogs is one of those areas that we expect to receive from our preferred health professional. Sadly, the advice is increasingly more about profit than health.

When our dogs health declines, we often rush back to those who caused the problem in the first place, not realising our trust is ill founded.

My aim is to help restore the health of your dog, holistically. To that end, everything is considered – the current malaise, the personal symptoms, the past traumas (physical and emotional) if known, the past ailments, the diet, the past treatments, the individual dog’s sensitivity, and so on.about natural dogs health

I help you:

  • appreciate that the symptoms your dog is exhibiting is their way of communicating to you what they need

  • get on the right track regarding the species appropriate diet for your canine friend

  • understand the most damaging toxins and how to avoid them as well as eliminate them

  • understand when you need professional help and why the holistic modality of homeopathy offers you the best and most affordable way back to good health for your dog

It doesn’t matter if the health condition is an acute disease, a chronic disease, an autoimmune disease, a behavioural problem, an inherited problem, a rare disease. They can all be improved, often dramatically, if not completely, by this approach.

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Please note – This site does NOT advertise any dog food or dog food supplements (apart from the algae), so if an advert creeps in, it is bogus and NOT something I recommend.