restore your dog's vitality and health naturally

No need for previous experience - this is very easy to implement

Everything I teach can be made effortlessly - minimum effort needed

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Naturally Healthy Dogs

11 Chapters Covering Everything You Need

It wasn’t many years ago when domestic dogs lived long and trouble-free lives. Now, despite all the modern veterinary care and special diets, domestic dogs lead shorter lives and suffer with more health problems.

It doesn't matter what the current state of your dog's health is, be it an occasional cough or an auto immune disease such as diabetes, cardio or cancer, ALL conditions can improve when you provide a healthy diet, based on your dog's evolution, made with love. Frequently, this leads to a FULL recovery.

The Essentials

Discover the essential requirements for your dog to be healthy

Commercial Dog Food

This contains the waste and dregs from human food, without hygiene, with added chemicals

List of Ingredients

This ebook covers everything you need to know about making your own dog food

A Wolf's Diet

Dogs are descended from wolves and need a diet that is similar for optimal health and vitality

When To Treat

Discover when outside help is needed, what that might be for your dog and where to find the best health care.

Your Part

People want to DO something when their dog is ill. There is one thing that ONLY you can do and that is to change the diet. That should be you focus.

How-To Ebook


One Time Payment - Full Access

Discover the problems that lead to poor health

Find out what you can do to restore you dog's health, whatever their condition, prognosis or diagnosis

A small investment now leads to BIG future savings (including financial and traumas)

Automatic removal of toxins

Keeping those lovely spiky teeth free of tartar effortlessly

How and where to source the ingredients


What readers say:

I got the download and am enjoying it so much. I will never feed my dogs junk again. I feel bad that I have up to this point.
Thank you so much for the info. I do feel better about it all, and I so appreciate the fact that I can ask questions, that just doesn’t happen when you buy a regular book at the store. You have been so helpful.
Cathi Newton, USA

Thanks to you I’ve had my dogs on your suggested diet for the past year and they are doing great. Had one with pancreatitis but she doesn’t have it anymore. She’s 14 years old and has the energy of a puppy. I’m thankful for your knowledge. It’s helped me tremendously as well as my dogs.
Rachel B

I love your work!!!!! I put my schnauzer with diabetes, Casper, on the diet the following morning and my healthier dog too.
He is doing great! He loves the diet and so does the other schnauzer. He is off his insulin. He hated the shots and fought me every time I went to give them to him. I check his urine glucose several times a day and he has gone from 2 or more, to 1. So that is definitely an improvement. I am looking forward to write you and tell you that his urine is negative of glucose.
Your work is a wealth of information. I stayed up most of the night reading it. I have referred to it many times since I got it.
Casper has not had an accident on the kitchen floor in over a week and doesn’t gulp up the water. He takes normal amounts of water now. He plays with my other dog like a puppy now.
Their teeth are looking gorgeous as well.
I can’t thank you enough for caring so much for our pets and their well being. I have told every friend I have.
Your work is generous when it comes to explanations. I wish the whole world had this info. It really irks me that vets are not much help.
Your work is worth its weight in gold. I’m so glad I got it. It has a wealth of things we need to know about our furry babies. Thank you for writing it.
Warmest regards Lil


Question 1: Isn't raw meat full of harmful bacteria?

Dogs have stomach acid that is about 20 times stronger than ours, so they can easily deal with bacteria in fresh meat. They can also deal with all the pathogens in rotting meat - they are carrion feeders.

Question 2: Why do vets hate raw feeding dogs?

Think about it  If raw feeding keeps your dog healthy, you don't need to visit vets anything like as much. In addition, vets have been trained by the commercial pet food industries, so their knowledge is limited to that. Holistic vets don't hold the same views.

Question 3: My dog doesn't like me changing his diet.

Dogs fed a lifetime of commercial pet food can become 'junkies', although this is rare. Whatever your dog thinks of the different brands of commercial pet food, you can almost guarantee they will LOVE the change to quality raw.

Question 4: My concern is if the diet is balanced.

All the necessary nutrients for dogs, from pregnancy, to growing puppies, to active adults, to old age, can be found in a good quality meat and bones diet. This diet is much more complete and balanced that virtually every brand of commercial dog food.


Learn how to use the Bach flower remedies for dogs.

Edward Bach was a Harley Street (London, UK) physician. He became disillusioned with his profession and wanted to find a way that was easy for the layman to treat himself holistically and effectively. He spent several years on this and finally came up with 38 remedies.

While these remedies mostly use mental and emotional symptoms as the selection process, I have created a course on how to interpret the symptoms dogs show, to successfully use these wonderful remedies.


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