There are other, better options to orthodox vaccination. Homoeopathic treatment is a wonderful healing system of medicine. This means you can wait for symptoms to appear before seeking treatment. This is the preferred way with many homeopaths and it makes natural sense. We don’t know what an animal’s sensitivities are so can’t assume anything. We are all individuals.

It is far more beneficial to focus on the immune system and keeping that strong than to worry about a disease or pathogen. Making every effort to ensure the immune system is capable of doing what it was intended to do - keeping the dog healthy in the face of potential problems - is the key.

To achieve this the following points need to be considered:

  1. diet - in keeping with the evolution of the animal
  2. lifestyle - exercise, interest, keeping stress to a minimum, shelter, companionship, natural expression, etc
  3. health care - natural, holistic, used with sensitivity and individuality

These are more important in the overall health of your dog.

However, many people feel under pressure to DO something. If they have chosen not to vaccinate their cat, they still feel a bit worried. What else can they do?

Introducing homeopathic immunisation (homeoprophylaxis or HP).

Homeoprophylaxis (HP)

Homeoprophlaxis is the homeopathic way to immunise against common infectious disease. Although many homeopaths feel it is best to wait for problems to occur and then treat these, people often feel obliged to take proactive measures.

HP is a great way to achieve this naturally, with no ill effects to the patient.

In HP, the same diseases as orthodox medicine target are the focus, but by the judicious use of the homeopathic nosodes (these have been made from the diseases).

This allows the immune system access to the knowledge of that disease for future protection, without any harmful side effects. They do not contribute to health problems later in life.

The remedies are taken orally. This is the exact same way that natural immunity occurs, through the nose or mouth.

Whilst no method is 100% effective, as there are far too many variables, research has found that homeoprophylaxis nosodes give an average efficacy of 88.8%, well within those claimed by conventional vaccines (75 – 95%).

Occasionally, there can be a reaction to a remedy. These reactions are NOT toxic reactions, but represent a clearing effect. This can come from previous vaccines or previous generations who were vaccinated. Typically, they are mild and short lasting.

The programme I offer for animals is based on that which Isaac Golden Ph.D researched for children. His website is very informative for research details. He is probably the only person in the world who has a Ph.D on the subject. He is certainly the first.

More and more boarding kennels and catteries are accepting HP. Often, boarding kennels are also breeders so have first hand experience of vaccine damage. They often find that the incidence of disease amongst their boarders significantly decreases when on the HP programme.

Please contact me if would like to know more about HP.

This collection includes the four most common canine infectious diseases (kennel cough, parvo, distemper, canine hepatitis) plus two remedies to deal with bites, infections and injuries. You can add to this or change the remedies as required.

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