How To Prevent Diseases in Dogs

By Madeleine Innocent

Once you understand how to prevent diseases in dogs, you’ll never worry or be fearful for your pup’s life again.

The important thing is to understand how life works. When you are locked into the medical advice, it’s easy to become so frightened, you do exactly as they say.

Sadly, this is a deliberate move on the industry’s part. It works very well. You could call it emotional blackmail.

You won’t find the natural health industry trying to frighten you into doing anything they suggest. It should always be an option.

However, no-one can make an informed decision without understanding the pros and cons of every side. Listening to one person is going to be very one sided.

Good advice should make sense to you. And it should make you feel good.

You also need to do your own research. However, you need to have your radar on full alert, as may authors have vested interests in what they say and recommend. It is well known, too, that the major web browsers have eliminated much of the information that goes against the mainstream narrative.

Where Dogs Come From

All dogs, big and small, courageous and timid, hail from wild dogs. Humans have had an impact on the way dogs are, but it’s limited. You can change how they look in a single generation.

They also adapt well to their environment. In different areas of the world, dogs had different functions for their humans. In very cold Asian countries, the lap dog helped keep people warm. In areas that relied on grazing sheep, dogs adapted to be good guard dogs.

However, one thing that humans can NEVER change is their immune system, their immunity.

Wild dogs live in groups known as packs. These groups have leaders, the alpha pair, one male, one female. These are the only ones in the pack who breed. They are also the ones to make the major decisions, as all good leaders do.

how to prevent diseases in dogs

Wild dogs survive by hunting their local prey They are omnivores, but at the carnivore end of the scale. This means they can survive on a vegetable or vegan diet when necessary (such as in harsh times), but prefer their meat and bones diet.

How To Prevent Diseases in Dogs

Appreciating where wild dogs come from give you an incite into how they survive. And they do survive exceedingly well. They are still here, and in abundance, after millions of years. Wild dogs are healthy, produce healthy puppies and are generally disease free.

how to prevent diseases in dogs

They are far more likely to suffer from injuries (hunting is a dangerous occupation) or starvation (when food is scarce).

Health and preventing disease is all about the immune system, or immunity.

This intangible part of all living beings is vitally important to how well they survive and their general health.

Good health means preventing disease.

So let’s see how wild dogs manage to do that:

They live in packs. Dogs are sociable animals and need to have a pack around them most of the time. Leaving them alone all day doesn’t work for them. Neither does it when you separate them from others, such as leaving them outside, away from their human pack.

They consume, for the most part, meat and bones. However, they can also survive on a vegan diet. But those spiky teeth need hard food, such as raw bones, to crunch on to remain clean and healthy. To say nothing of the complex mineral content bones provide.

Wild dogs health care is rest, care from other pack members (especially for food) and the natural herbs locally available.

How To Interpret A Wild Dogs Life For Domestic Dogs

Discovering how to prevent diseases in dogs simply means learning from their wild cousins. This keeps their immune system in tip top condition. The key take-home points include:

Ensure your dog has company for most of the time. That is company that both parties enjoy or at least respect.

Feed your dog as they would eat in the wild - raw meat and bones with any veggies or fruit they like.

Health care should be supportive of life rather than suppression of symptoms. Rest is good when needed. Natural health care does not suppress. It enhances the dog’s ability to heal. Herbs can be good. Homeopathy can be better.

In addition to this regime of preventing disease, training is needed. Wild dogs train their puppies. As most dogs are taken from their mother at a very early age, we need to be the trainers.

To do that effectively is to learn to understand ‘dog’ language, how they train their puppies. Getting dogs to understand how we operate is not going to work. They’ll just be frightened into submission, which will not help their health.

Learning how to prevent diseases in dogs can mean a whole different mind set for us. That can be a challenge. But challenges offer great opportunities for growth. In addition, they are empowering as now you are in control.

And did I mention how economical it is too?

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