the importance of the microbiome in dogs

The importance of the microbiome in dogs, or in anyone, cannot be over stressed. It’s the key to health, to happiness, to longevity.

The microbiome doesn’t just reside in the gut as many people think, although this could be said to be the most important area. Every single part of the body has a microbiome. And each of them is vital to good health.

Dogs today are generally much less healthy than they have ever been. They suffer with more chronic diseases and die younger.

You could wonder why as there has been much more research done, there are more veterinarians and there are different foods for different conditions.

However, instead of improving the dogs lives, they have caused it. Humans have made something very simple into something complicated and unworkable.

Learn From Wild Dogs

Wild dogs are very healthy. They produce healthy puppies. They don’t have chronic disease. They have healthy microbiomes.

Whilst domestic dogs suffer badly with chronic health conditions, wild dogs suffer more with starvation if their prey disappears. Or from injury. Or from coming up against another animal, such as a snake or a bear.

These are all very natural causes.

So we can learn from them.

We can feed our dogs food that is similar to that consumed by wild dogs - raw meat and bones.

Raw meat contains the essential enzymes that are important to a healthy gut microbiome. Cooking destroys this.

Raw meat is quickly digested in a dogs gut, preventing the excess breeding of the intestinal worms. These worms are necessary for a healthy gut in the right numbers, but which create havoc when they have bred excessively. This happens when digesting cooked meat, which is much slower.

Toxins Abound in Commercial Dog Food

Typical toxins include the synthetic ‘nutrients’ added to the food that the manufacturers know full well are nutritionally deficient.

They include the residue of the catalysts used to process the various foods, such as separating out the protein from legumes.

The Importance of The Microbiome in Dogs

By Madeleine Innocent

They include the preservatives used to keep the food indefinitely on the shelf.

And they include the glyphosates used in agriculture. Kibble has the highest amount.

Glyphosate is undetectable in raw meat. It’s especially high in grains and legumes.

These toxins lead to inflammation.

Gut inflammation leads to brain inflammation.

This leads to behavioural issues.

Pain is a result of inflammation. Moving is more painful so avoided. This leads to atrophy of the muscles, to joint instability, to more pain.

Who Understands The Importance of the Microbiome in Dogs?

Trustingly, you take your dog to the vet, looking for answers. But they are the ones who sell you the food that creates the problem.

So your dog receives more toxic drugs and injections that simply exacerbate the problem. Even if it does manage to give a temporary respite, you’re looking at a short term gain for long term pain.

Drugs further disrupt the microbiome, adding more toxins to an already over-toxic dog. Drugs suppress the symptoms. That’s how they work. And that’s why they have to be given for the life of the dog.

Antibiotics, a drug that is given out like candy at every visit, is one of the most potent disruptors of the microbiomes in dogs, as it is in everyone. It can take a whole year for the dog to recover from a single course. They may never recover from multiple courses.

You Can Help Your Dogs Microbiome Heal

A simple switch to a healthy and balanced raw meat and bones diet starts to repair all the damage that has gone before.

It can take time to fully repair, but you can often see a more alert, a happier, a more energetic dog in days.

It’s worth remembering that you are the only person who can change your dogs diet. Not even the most experienced, the most brilliant health practitioner in the world can do that.

So make that your priority. Don’t go looking for products to help fix the issue your dog has. Instead, focus on doing what only you can do and that’s to change the diet to a healthy one. Then watch the condition improve.

A healthy diet may not heal every condition completely. But it will improve every condition. And it will completely heal many.

To complete the healing, get good homeopathic treatment, treatment that supports the microbiomes.

Never under-estimate the importance of the microbiome in dogs. Or in anyone. It holds the key to health. And that key is in your hands.

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