Why This Package

Dogs health worldwide is in a sorry state. They lack energy and enthusiasm for life,. They have chronic diseases which just keep getting worse. They have short life spans. Often they are on a cocktail of drugs that does little to alleviate their suffering.

There is another way!

    What This Package Includes

    1. a consultation teaching you how to feed your dog raw (can be exchanged for a homeopathic consultation)
    2. an initial homeopathic consultation to help return your dog's health to an optimal state
    3. a follow up consultation to check your dog's good health is returning. This is normally a month later for a chronic condition. For an acute condition, this can be days later.

    This is three hours of consultations which would normally cost Aus$450 (convert to your currency here)

    This package give you 12% discount, at Aus$396

    Consultations can be in clinic, by phone, via Skype or Zoom.

    Often, this is enough to restore vibrant health. In some situations, more consultations are needed. This depends on the level of health when we started working together.

    Please Note
    This homeopathic consultations can only be used for one animal.
    The package is valid for six months only.

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