Parasites in Dogs, Understanding Them And Natural Solutions

By Madeleine Innocent

Many people worry about parasites in dogs. The veterinary industry paints a bleak, even dangerous, picture around this whole subject. In reality, the problem is nothing like as bad as they insinuate and very easy to fix.

Understanding Parasites in Dogs

This is important as the majority of people who happily share their lives with dogs fail to appreciate this.

Parasites are part of everyone’s microbiome. No-one would be alive today if they didn’t have an abundance in every part of their body. The digestive tract is one of the main areas of population, but they are everywhere when you’re in good health.

However, their population size is important. Whilst they outnumber our own cells many times over, they still need to be in the right numbers. Over population is a problem.

So what makes the population increase so dramatically, it can cause harm to the dog? Or to anyone.

It’s all about the immune system.

The immune system is not an organ that you can see physically. It’s an energetic, or spiritual, potential to keep the body as healthy as is normal and natural. Which is exceedingly healthy. Few health problems are encountered and the few that do get a foothold are easily and often effortlessly dealt with.

Take that a step further and the question is, how do we keep the dog’s immune system is tip top order?

First, we need to understand the causes that adversely affect it. Like everything in life, there can be many causes. Sometimes it can a variety of causes that build up on each other, eventually toppling the health of the dog.

However, for the purposes of simplicity, there are three main areas that adversely affect the immune system. And that contributes to high levels of parasites in dogs, that may alarm you.

They are:

  1. diet
  2. lifestyle
  3. healthcare

A Typical Dogs Diet

The commercial dog food your vet recommends is one of the main contributors, partly because of its daily consumption, partly because of the low quality, partly because it contains unsuitable foods, partly because of the toxic supplements and preservatives used.

In reality, it’s a far cry from the natural diet of wild dogs, which consists of fresh meat, organs and bones from their prey.

The difference in the digestive process is stark.

The commercial dog food is cooked, in addition to containing the problem ingredients already mentioned.

Cooked food takes much longer to digest, than the typical raw meat in a wild dog’s diet.

When food is digested slowly, the parasites in the digestive tract have longer periods to breed, so their numbers can be explosive. That’s when you see the telltale small wriggling tapeworms that look like grains of rice, in the stool.

Just by changing the diet to quality raw meat and bones, this problem can be totally eliminated. No need for harsh drugs. Ever.

But that idea doesn’t sell drugs, so it’s not popular with the industry.

Let’s look at some more parasites in dogs that may concern you, and is likely to concern your dog, with terrible itching and scratching.

Fleas on Dogs

Fleas actually do a useful job. They can be viewed as the canary in the coal mine, as far as telling you your dog is toxic.

When any toxin is ingested or absorbed (think preservatives in food, synthetic supplements in food, vet drugs and vaccines), the body needs to rid itself of them. If toxins get a chance to build up, as they do so often when not effectively dealt with, all manner of health issues result.

The most effective pathways to eliminate toxins is via the normal elimination processes - kidneys and bowels - but also the skin.

Oddly, fleas seem to enjoy the flavour of toxins!

When you switch your dogs diet to a quality raw meat and bones diet, there are no, or very few, toxins. So there’s little to nothing to eliminate. That means the fleas have to find someone else.

It may take a little time for all toxins to be eliminated especially in older dogs who have had a lifetime of ingesting and absorbing toxicity.

Other Natural Solutions Of Parasites in Dogs

The other two areas that can affect your dogs immune system and so their microbiome are lifestyle and health care.

A happy dog is a healthy dog. To be happy, a dog needs at least one companion, as dogs are pack animals. They feel very anxious on their own.

They need lots of exercise. Wild dogs get plenty of exercise hunting, but then periods of rest in between.

Everyone needs love, appreciation and respect and dogs are no exception.

Most dogs don’t fare well in extremes of weather or temperature. They need shelter. They also need support when frightened by natural weather changes - storms, thunder, cyclones, hurricanes, etc. These conditions can send them into a state of shock that can be difficult to emerge from, without appropriate help.

The last, but very important aspect of keeping your dogs immune system in fantastic health, is your choice of health care.

Veterinary drugs, as with medical drugs, don’t aim to cure any condition. At best, they simply manage disease. At worst, they add to the toxic load, have deleterious side effects, damage the liver, etc.

And dogs generally don’t take them willingly. They know. That’s why there are ways to disguise them.

Natural health care is very different. Natural health care, especially homeopathy, focuses on strengthening the immune system, supporting the body in its attempts to heal. Natural health care practitioners who care will be on board with all the measures mentioned here.

When you understand the role of parasites in dogs, as well as how to resolve the issue of over population, your dog will be much happier, much healthier. And you’ll be less anxious. Your bank balance will also be a lot healthier: healthy dogs don’t need treatment.

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