poisoning of dogs

The current poisoning of dogs from eating commercial pet food is not new. It happened a few years ago and the culprit was discovered to be melamine in the ‘food’, if you can call it that.

Melamine, a chemical, is derived from coal. It’s commonly found in tableware and counter tops. Although the manufacturers claim it to be safe, the chemical can leach into the food. This can be detected in the urine of the consumer.

Symptoms of Melamine Poisoning

These include:

  • kidney stones
  • kidney failure
  • blood in the urine
  • high blood pressure
  • irritability
  • urgent desire to urinate
  • inability to urinate
  • death

So what on earth is it doing in food?

It was being added to pet food (and infant formula) to cheaply boost the protein content. It acts like a protein and can be difficult to detect in normal food testing. Any food sold with high protein content fetches a higher price.

The dogs were dying from kidney failure.

Symptoms of the Current
Poisoning of Dogs

The current issues seem to have a different picture except for the bleeding and fatality.

The symptoms include:

  • bleeding - anywhere especially internally coming out in discharges
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • paralysis
  • convulsions
  • lethargy
  • death

Where the melamine seemed to mainly affect the kidney and renal system, the current poisoning of dogs seem to affect ALL the systems of the body.

What is the Cause?

One theory is that a rodenticide is present because the symptoms of rodenticide poisoning are so similar.

If you have ever watched films or read articles about how dog food is made, you’ll know the ingredients come from rendering plants, where the raw material (aka dead animals or parts thereof) is left outside, often for days, before being processed.

The Poisoning of Dogs

By Madeleine Innocent

Usually the rodents that take advantage of this are likely to be scooped up into the vat for processing. However, I can well imagine that the rodent population is likely to explode with all the available food.

However, another theory is that pest control businesses take their dead animals to rendering plants, which could explain the high concentrations.

I feel that there are multiple causes. All life strives to not only stay alive, but to manage any health problem in the best way it can. And is largely successful in that.

However, when you look at the ingredients in commercial dog food (and pet food in general), there is often more plant based food and chemicals (masquerading as healthy supplements) than meat. Meat is the natural food for dogs. But it’s expensive. The best cuts go to the more lucrative human market.

The plant based food that is used in pet food is, again, poor quality, usually that wouldn’t sell as human food. The high level of glyphosate is a real problem to health.

Symptoms of glyphosate poisoning include:

  • inflammation, including that of the bowel
  • reducing the body’s ability to utilise nutrients
  • heart conditions
  • mental health disorders such as depression, autism, Alzheimers, etc
  • nervous disorders such as Parkinsons
  • the hormonal system leading to infertility
  • autoimmune conditions including cancer
  • death

So the combination of poor quality food, dangerous chemicals in the food plus the additions of chemicals as ‘healthy’ supplements is going to destroy your dog’s immune system.

Without an effect immune system, what is the possibility of your dog surviving yet another onslaught?

Probably nil.

What Can You Do To Improve Your
Dog’s Immune System?

Your dog’s immune system is key to keeping them robustly healthy.

The three key areas to achieve that includes:

lifestyle (you are probably already providing your dog with a loving home, but are they left alone all day? Do they get enough exercise? Both are stress triggers.
healthcare (good homeopathic health care ALWAYS supports a healthy immune system)
diet (a raw meat and bones diet is every dogs natural diet and supports a wonderfully healthy and strong immune system

I recommend that you appreciate what the poisoning of dogs is telling you - feed a natural diet at the very least. But also consider how you can improve their lifestyle based on how wild dogs live.

And use good holistic treatment for all their (and your) health care issues, such as homeopathy. Which can also help heal your dog’s current health problem.

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