Near Deaths Door

Three years ago, my dog Luna was near death with unexplained digestive issues. You advised me to put her on an all-raw diet, and after an enema that finally unclogged all sorts of debris ( fossilized kibble) she started on a freeze-dried, all natural raw food, and she has been healthy ever since! Many thanks again for your wisdom.
Suzanne Codi

Heart Pounding Settled

I’ve been meaning to write to thank you. Back in January, you told me to change my dog Reginald’s diet to a raw diet. I did and I am pretty sure it saved his life.
Within only one week, he heart rate fell by 20% and stopped the pounding I felt when I picked him up. He stopped obsessively drinking water and his intake fell by half, back to the normal amount he drank. His energy dramatically increased and he stopped going into deep sleeps during the day. One week!
Jeffrey R. Lapides, Ph.D

Living Longer

Hi Madeleine, I went today to see if I could leave a comment of our sincere gratitude for all your help and patience with Jak. If it wasn't for you we would have said good bye to him 7 years ago. He has been a courageous family member that show nothing but love and devotion to his family - he is greatly missed and has left a big hole in our hearts. We are grateful you came into our lives. Thank you. Carol.

Desperate With Kidney Disease

When I first contacted Madeleine about my little dog's health, I was desperate. We had been to two "holistic" Vets neither of whom were offering much help, in my opinion. In fact, under their care, Yoki was not doing well.
During the most recent Vet appointment, we had been informed that our little Shih Tzu, Yoki, had Chronic Kidney Disease and infected teeth which, I felt was partly due to poor veterinary care. According to the Vet, she now needed fluids injected every day for the rest of her life. We were sent home with a bag of fluid to inject along with canned food used for Kidney patients. Once home, I examined the contents of the canned food and decided to throw it away. It was full of chemicals that I knew were not going to help Yoki's condition at all. I did not want to inject fluids and decided to take her to the Vet for those treatments instead. Well, the first, and last time there, my little dog was so traumatized by the veterinary assistant administering fluids I decided that was enough. I took Yoki home and decided to take the situation into my own hands. I decided to phone Madeleine after having read her e-mails/blog for a couple of years. I had a good feeling about Madeleine and her abilities as a homeopath. As a student of Naturopathic Medicine I had studied homeopathy myself and continued studies later on. It takes a tremendous commitment to become a good is a study that continues for the rest of one's life. I also knew how effective it could be in the hands of the right person.
Although I live in the U.S., I contacted Madeleine and we set up a Skype session. I liked Madeleine immediately.....her directness, her knowledge of animal behavior, her probing questions, and her down-to-earth attitude impressed me. She gave me some excellent dietary advice and I made those changes immediately. A few days later, she proposed using a remedy chosen specifically for Yoki based upon symptomatology, behavioral patterns, emotions, and history provided during our Skype session. We started Yoki on the remedy and within a few days I could see a change in her energy level, her appetite, and intake of water. She seemed more interested in playing again and had more vitality. It was amazing! Yoki was back to her old self again!
Yoki continues to be much better. It is an ongoing process and Madeleine is always wonderfully responsive to any concerns I might have. I am so grateful for her expertise and support. It is never easy dealing with a beloved pet's health difficulties. However, homeopathy is such a beautiful art and truly heals on a deep level, It does not damage the body, instead, it enhances the body's own ability to heal itself. Of course, it is the ability of the homeopath to choose the correct remedy that makes the difference which is why I highly recommend Madeleine. She is very talented!
I also learned from this experience that one needs to listen to one's own intuition and not feel intimidated by Vets who have a totally different approach to healing. Plus, they will never know your pet as you do. Madeleine also says it is wise to listen to your pet's own innate wisdom. They know what works for their bodies much more than we do. It is true. Yoki loves to take her homeopathic remedies!
I highly recommend Madeleine to anyone desiring good health either for their pets, or, for themselves.
Thank you Madeleine!
V. Burgoyne, N.D., CHT



My introduction to homoeopathy came from my Dalmatian dog. Poppy was born 24/12/00. I bought her at 3 months and she was happy and healthy. Early August 2002, she got this big lump on her head. We just thought she’d been kicked by one of the ponies. She was due for her annual vaccinations that week and the vet agreed it was probably just a blow. But it got bigger and bigger!!
Vet again 2 weeks later – X-rays and a blood test confirmed she had Crytococcus – a fungal disease very rare especially in dogs. Treatment was surgery, antibiotics and pain killers. She wasn’t sick before surgery – she just had a big lump! – but was very sick afterwards – fever, vomiting, constant whining. Her drugs were reduced in half and this helped. The wound oozed for weeks. On advice from specialist vets in Sydney, she was dosed with Sporanox, a drug used in humans with AIDS. Hence very expensive costing over $100 a week.
This was supposed to lower the Cryptococcus in the body – as shown by blood tests. Initially it did, but then stalemate. So next treatment was I/V drugs 3 times a week at great cost and no guarantee it’d work. At this stage I refused as it was far too traumatic for Poppy (and me!). I was told she would develop meningitis as the fungus spread and die within weeks. A friend heard the story and suggested I talk to Madeleine.
So December 2002 Poppy had her consult. She was given a homeopathic remedy. Over the the next weeks, I would bang the bottle as needed and there was Poppy at my feet, often with her tongue out!! Then one day, she didn’t come. Panic! Phoned Madeleine and she said she doesn’t need it anymore – she’s better. And she was and still is!!
Out of interest, we blood tested her 6 months later and found the level of Cryptococcus hadn’t changed. So I have just worked on the principle that her immune system is now strong enough it can control it – so healthy raw food and no more vaccinations and 6 years on she is still very much alive!
Kay Newton

Vision Recovery

I’m blown away by (the recovery of my dog’s eyes from blindness). Impressed would be an understatement.
Jeremiah Cameron

Dangers of Flea Treatment

I’m trying to patch up a dog that had a dose of topical flea treatment applied along it’s back and its immune system went crazy and the entire top of the dog’s skin from ears to tail sloughed off. The local vet clinic dosed broad spectrum antibiotics and prednisone for 3 months – disabled the dog’s immune system and created Cushings disease in the dog. Prednisone and the body’s own adrenal gland hormone called cortisol is the same chemical compound. The dog was getting so much prednisone for so long that it’s body started to lay down calcium in the skin. The clinic then did a skin biopsy and the pathologist reported that the skin changes were most suggestive of a Cushing disease. The clinic’s next plan was to administer a drug that would destroy the dog’s adrenal glands forever, so it could never make cortisol again.
There is no silver bullet in western medicine – I keep telling clients over and over. No drug nor biologic (like vaccinations) are 100% safe and you never know what effect they have later on. The only one that has it down pat is Mother Nature.
Dr Brenda A Bernhardt
‘Sharing the Care’
Cowichan Veterinary HouseCall Services
Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada

Quick Recovery From a Bite

I have two dogs, and sometimes they fight. A few weeks ago, Gabi came out of the fight with a bite on her leg. She was in pain for a day or so, and then proceeded to lick the wound persistently. This made matters worse, so I fashioned a collar for her. After two weeks of trying to get her not to lick the wound, finally the wound healed over. Then a couple of days ago, the dogs had another fight. This time, Gabi ended up with an injured foot pad, which dripped a couple of drops of blood. My homeopath suggested remedies for Gabi and suggested that I let Gabi freely lick her wound. Within 24 hours Gabi was fine.
Anne Burns

Behaviour Issues

I recently homed a rescue dog, after my beloved Gt Dane passed over, to be a companion for my other dog, Rosa. Shimmer, as I named him, was very nervous, anxious, had a tendency to jump up, yet wanted very much to please. I was only able to spend one day with him and Rosa because of my commitments outside home. As the days passed, Shimmer became more rambunctious and – most probably – insecure from my being away all day when he had been used to someone in the home most of the time with his previous foster carer. Upon my return home on a day that had become gradually stormier, Shimmer was beside himself, virtually uncontrollable. Not only was he jumping all over me and Rosa, but literally running ‘over’ my two cats (who are dog friendly). They got out of his way, wide-eyed!
When I asked Madeleine for advice, she recommended a remedy. Within moments of him happily accepting it, the most noticeable shift was in my cats! They quickly assumed their usual postures and relaxed. Soon I noticed how much calmer Shimmer had become. What a welcome change! This is another memorable moment after using an appropriate remedy, whether for myself or my beloved furries.
Jane Ferro

Regaining Youth

Chikara (a German shepherd) has gotten heaps better, smells better, looks and everything. She is even looking younger and playing more with our new dog. I am very happy about the treatment she received and do recommend you to all our dog friends
Adeline M

Dealing With Fear

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I followed my intuition in bringing Rosa to you last week. She didn’t go to the back of my car and huddle in the corner as she did on the way over. That very evening, I could definitely tell the difference in her. She wasn’t fanatical about asking me to play fetch with her and actually went to bed before I did!
Rosa has remained much calmer in every respect, and seems more secure with her new life with us. I left access to the outside on the weekend, when I was out. When I came home a couple of times to check on her, she was apparently sleeping. Even though she’s an escape artist, I feel Rosa wants to be here and won’t attempt to leave. She went outside the gate when I opened it to drive in. As soon as I drove through and called to her, she came running in! I was expecting her to sniff around and take her time, so this was a really good sign.
One week later – Rosa is still doing really well after your session with her. She has cleaned away most of the lumps on her back as well as those at the base of her pelvis where the legs join. I have no concerns about her leaving the property when I’m not here, she has become so secure that this is her home
Jane Ferro

Pain And Infections

In 2007 I took our 1 year old Lab Retriever / Kelpie dog Charlie to see Madeleine.  He had been having on-going problems with ear infections and burst ear drums. He wouldn’t allow the Vet to look in his ears and required an anaesthetic to even see what was going on, obviously a distressing and costly exercise.  The intense pain subsided with what I suspect was the healing of the ear drum, but we continued to have a dog that was still in a bit of pain (though not as much as initially), shaking his head a lot and with diminished hearing.  The ear was just not clearing up, although he was still relatively exuberant.
A friend recommended Madeleine and we made an appointment.  In the appointment Charlie was his usual energetic and friendly self (with the behaviour issues of a 1 year old who has had hearing difficulties), but despite that Madeleine was able to witness the impact of the ear infections. Charlie was prescribed some homeopathic remedies to negate the negative effect of his immunisations and to assist with the recovery from the ear infections.  In addition we changed his diet to a Natural Foods Diet, consisting of bones in the morning and grated raw vegetables, lean mince and brown rice / soaked oats in the evening.  Charlie just loved the new diet.
Now, twelve months on, Charlie is a picture of health.  His ears and hearing are perfect, his coat is shiny and healthy looking and his behaviour has settled down remarkably.  He is still a very friendly dog that is interested in everything around him, but the hyperactivity aspect has settled and he is much more obedient and compliant.  All in all, he has a wonderful healthy body and a lovely demeanour.  His hearing is now so good that he hears when I’m grating his vegetables for dinner and gets very excited, trying to jump up high enough to see what’s going on through the kitchen window!
Thanks Madeleine for your guidance in transitioning us to a more healthy was of living for our dog that will bode well for his future years.
Catherine F

Skin Lesion Healed

My small poodle Cricket was 10 years of age when she started to get "old." I started making all her food by hand from fresh organic meat, vegetables and some dairy. She appeared to reverse in age, and now at 14 has much more energy.
She never gets sick, and I keep her far from vets, just as I myself have not been to a doctor for more than 25 years and, except for accidental injury, do not plan to ever go back.
Even though Cricket's energy and health seemed to get a lot better, she still had a skin growth on her back about 1/2" across. It might have been skin cancer, I don't know because I'm not taking her anywhere near any vets to find out, and besides they could easily be wrong.
After talking to you and hearing you say that raw chicken bones are OK for her to have, I gave up making steamed food for her, and switched her to only raw food. I give her organic raw chicken (skin and bones included) and raw organic cheese as a treat, as well as dried chicken jerky with nothing in it but chicken.
Now her skin lesion is gone, and an unexpected side effect of her transition to completely raw organic food is that her teeth are now clean and have never been that way before. The stains are gone. I think this is probably at least partly because now she gets chicken bones in her raw chicken.
Her energy is even higher than before.
Thank you for the encouragement to allow Cricket to eat raw chicken with the bones. I really appreciate your work.

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