should you vaccinate
 your dog?

Many people ask me about this controversial subject. While it is never my intention to tell anyone what to do as we are all on a learning journey, when people don’t fully understand something, they can’t make an informed decision.

A Brief History of Vaccines

Vaccination has only been around for the last couple of hundred years. Somehow we all managed to survive without them!

Around the late 1700s the British physician Edward Jenner started to use the cowpox virus in an effort to provide protection against smallpox, which is similar and related.

It seems nothing much happened for a century.

Then, in the late 1800s the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur, developed vaccines for anthrax and rabies.

After that, there was widespread interest in the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical industries. The manufacturers made claims that diseases, viruses and bacteria had been eradicated or greatly reduced by the introduction of their products.

This was far from true.

Instead, public hygiene, living conditions and nutritious food were responsible for the decline in incidence and mortality.

Vaccination Dilemma shows the Australian graphs of common childhood diseases and how they had drastically declined BEFORE the introduction of the relevant vaccine.
See the graph below.

graph measles

Recognising There is a Problem

James Compton Burnett was an English orthodox medical doctor in the late 1800s, who converted to homeopathy. His practice was very busy and he wrote over 20 books.

He invented the word ‘vaccinosis’ after he discovered the terrible symptoms the Jenner vaccine had caused. He was able to heal those affected.

In 1986, the pharmaceutical companies approached the then US president, Ronald Reagan. They threatened to stop the production of vaccines because they were facing so much litigation and damage claims.

Rather than agree to that while making a thorough investigation, Reagan removed all legal indemnity from the manufacturers.

Now, with no liability for a faulty product and the world programmed to mass vaccination, the stage was set to bring in many more.

Independent Research

There has never been any research to conclude that vaccinated people are healthier than the unvaccinated. Instead, there has been several independent research studies showing the exact opposite.

A 2017 study shows that although the vaccinated children were significantly less likely to develop the targeted diseases, they did have an increase in allergies, learning and growth disabilities and chronic disease.

Homeopaths are taught to examine every aspect of health to see where and when problems occur. We can see that there is a definite correlation between a vaccine and when health problems started.

Homeopaths also recognise the importance of childhood diseases to confer a healthy immunity for life.

Whilst all this information comes from human studies, there is no reason to suppose there is any difference in animals, who maybe less well studied. In fact, I suggest that animals, being far more sensitive than most humans, suffer much more from vaccination

Prey animals need to hide their health issues, otherwise they become someone’s dinner (cats are prey as well as predators, because of their size). Dogs are less likely to hide their pain as they live in supportive groups.

Richard Pitcairn, an American homeopathic vet, worked in a research laboratory for five years. His findings concluded that trying to prevent disease through vaccination was great in theory, but failed to deliver in practice.

When trying to prevent a problem, it’s always important to look at the big picture. Are you making things better in the short run, but worse in the long run?

Independent research clearly shows there is a correlation between childhood diseases and fevers and good adult health. The opposite is also true, with a lack of childhood diseases and fever suppression, with chronic disease in later life.

Chronic disease is now at an all time high, for everyone.

Homeopaths recognise that Nature is very wise and has everything covered. All we have to do is to provide the right conditions for the body to achieve that. It's all about the immune system and keeping that in good order.

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