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Q - Who am I?
A - My mother had wanted to be a vet, but in her day, that was difficult for a girl, especially without financial backing. So there were always animals in the family, either ones we had adopted, ones we were looking after or ones we were trying to re-home - cats, dogs, chickens, horses.

It was natural for me to follow suit when I left home.

Over the years, I have come to realise that animals are our teachers, often the best teachers. They take us to areas we may never discover otherwise.

One cat had developed bad eczema. The vet tried various drugs, but all came with serious side effects, notably they made her aggressive, whereas she was naturally loving and mild mannered. So I stopped the drugs as I felt it was unkind to her.

Discussing this with a new friend one day, she suggested homeopathy. I had never heard of it, but as it was in keeping with my developing interest in natural health, I consulted George MacLeod on her recommendation. His treatment completely cleared up the eczema with no side effects. To say I was gob smacked is an understatement. However, it was some years before I was able to study it for myself.

Q - What is my experience?
A - My practice has always consisted of both humans and animals. Initially, I was just treating local patients at my clinic, but as the internet developed, so I needed to! So online and phone consultations have become normal. Homeopathy lends itself very well to this, as we rely more on the patient’s individual signs and symptoms, than we do on medical or veterinary tests or palpation.

I have taught homeopathy at two local colleges.

Q - Why do I do what I do?
A - This is an interesting question, as you could say that as homeopathy is not well known, or available under health insurance plans, that I may not be very busy. However, there are two reasons that keep most homeopaths going.

One is we love what we do! Seeing a patient recover from any ailment, often quite quickly, and without any invasive testing or treatment is reward enough.

And the other is that people are appreciating the benefits of good homeopathic treatment over medical or veterinary treatment. People are now seeking us out!

Q - What is my education?
A - Homeopathy is my third career and I have to say the most rewarding one in terms of job satisfaction. I love helping those stricken with an ailment bounce back to life.

My previous careers were in aircraft and auto maintenance engineering and running my own business. I didn’t do well at school and didn’t enjoy it at all, but I blossomed in college, because I had an interest.

I am a registered homeopath in Western Australia. I studied classical homeopathy with the Australasian College Of Hahnemannian Homeopathy and qualified in the year 2000. I have been in full time practice ever since.

As a professional member of the Australian Homeopathic Association and the Australian Register of Homeopaths, I am obliged to keep up with at least 20 hours per year of continuing professional education (CPE). In reality, I normally do more like 100 hours, as contemporary homeopaths are developing new strategies to more easily help a greater number of patients. I want to keep up!

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