Understanding Why Dogs Are Itchy

The key to understanding why dogs are itchy is to consider the whole dog, not just the itchy skin. Treating an itchy dog topically with, often, highly toxic chemicals may give short term refief. But it comes at a high price for your dog’s long term health.

Why would this be so?

Because it’s treating the effect of the problem, rather than digging deep to find the cause and rectify that. It’s just a band aid, but a dangerous one.

Band aids are attractive to many people. They may feel they don’t have the time or the resources to dig deeper. Of course, there are some who don’t know how to dig deeper, so I will address that here.

However, digging deeper is necessary. Your responsibility to your dog, as the primary carer, is to do the work that perhaps your veterinarian isn’t. After all, they are the ones who furnish you with the toxic chemicals.

why dogs are itchy

Digging Deep into Why Dogs Are Itchy

The first point to consider is that every single dog, every single living body, is equipped with the where-with-all to heal themselves. But the conditions have to be right. If you like, all the ducks have to be lined up to achieve this.

The second important point is that the body tries valiantly to do just this, even when it doesn’t have the full ability to do so. This is why you can’t always see the consequences of your actions. There can be a time lag, while the body makes every effort to restore health. Depending on the dog, the time lag can be months or years.

When the body can’t manage this, then things start to show up, the wheels start to wobble. And when the cause is not addressed, the wobble will increase until they fall off.

This means that fully understanding why dogs are itchy at the very first sign, can lead to a much healthier, happier dog. As long as you take the appropriate action.

It also means that you’ll be happier as you won’t have to shell out on more frequent and harsher drugs.

By Madeleine Innocent

Causes of Itchy Skin in Dogs

When a dog is toxic, the toxins are released through the normal elimination pathways, ie the urine and stool. This can work quite well for low levels of toxins that aren’t ingested daily.

However, when toxins are ingested daily, they build up over time. This is why it is normally the older dogs who tend to have the worst itchy skin, although younger dogs are no longer immune.

Other elimination channels the body naturally chooses to release toxins are discharges (from any orifice - eyes, ears, nose, anus, penis, vagina) and the skin. The skin can show an eruption of some kind, but not always.

It’s a strange thing, but fleas like to consume these skin toxins. When your dog is not toxic, the fleas have nothing to feed on, so look elsewhere. You can look upon fleas as the ‘canary in the coal mine’. They alert you to a problem.

Fleas can feel really itchy. But so too is the skin even without fleas.

The Origin of The Toxins

Commercial dog food is not ‘scientifically proven’, ‘balanced’ or healthy in any way. The cheapest raw material is used, often unsuitable for dogs. In an attempt to address this well understood shortfall, supplements are added. Again, these are the cheap supplements, which are the synthetic ones. Usually made from petro-chemicals.

It’s clever what chemical food engineers can do, if it wasn’t so dire for the end user.

More chemicals are used to preserve, colour and flavour the food. This is one of the main areas of toxins that dogs fed commercial dog food suffer with. Every day, the build up is relentless.

Fix The Wheel Wobble

Wild dogs live a much healthier life, all things considered. And this is the clue for us.

A wild dogs diet consists of raw meat and bones. Nothing is prepared, cooked or added in. Roots and berries can supplement their diet if they live in colder areas of the world and their prey has moved to warmer climes for the season.

A healthy, balanced, raw meat and bones diet restores the immune system to a healthy state that can take on its mantle of healing. Toxins are eliminated faster, and not replaced. Fleas move house. The microbiome thrives. The dog becomes more alert, more active, healthier, happier.

Dive deep into why dogs are itchy, take the necessary action and watch the miracle happening.

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