Commercial Dog Food

If you're feeding your dog commercial dog food, be sure to check out Susan Thixton's excellent website The Truth About Pet Food. She delves into ingredients, recalls, laws, pet deaths and more. She operates from America, but the ingredients will be the same everywhere. Just the name may change.

This is why making your own pet food is sooo important. If 2020 has done anything, it's made people focus more on health.


NEVER, EVER vaccinate a dog who has an existing health challenge. Even the vaccine insert states that, but vets don't look there This also applies to sterilisation. Don't vaccinate at the same time as any operation or surgical procedure. If you have to vacciate, do it one at a time, at least a month apart.

Dangerous Drugs

Never Assume Your Veterinarian Knows Best

Veterinarians are unaware of the dangers of drugs and are particularly unaware of the problems of interactions between different drugs. Yet they still prescribe them. So whenever you have been prescribed veterinary drugs for your dog, it’s always a good idea to check out the drugs and/or interactions at for two reasons:

  1. to check if the drug is dangerous for your dog (not all vets are aware of the dangerous drugs for dogs)
  2. to check if it is compatible with any other drugs your dog has been prescribed

Vets are not taught about dangerous drugs or about the problems from interaction with different drugs, so it’s up to you to check it out. NEVER ASSUME!

Most vets will deny any connection between your dog showing unfavourable symptoms and the drug they just administered or prescribed. As the carer of your dog, YOU are the responsible one. YOU know causes, often instinctively, sometimes just by logical reasoning.

Another site of interest, but doesn’t cover veterinary products as yet, is https://www.drugwatch.comThese sites aren't infallible and aren't the last word, but it does give you some indications.


This drug is used for seizures and pain control. However, you need to appreciate the side effects before using it. According to there are many side effects, some serious.

Although those listed are in people, there is no reason to suppose it is any different in animals.

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