Cancer in Dogs - Causes and Solutions

By Madeleine Innocent

Cancer in dogs is on the rise. It has been for the last few decades. It wasn’t much of a problem before that. So we need to go back to that time, to see how dogs lived. Then move on and compare that with the current way dogs live.

If you go back about 60-70 years, domestic dogs had more carefree lives. They often wandered around their neighbourhood. Sterilisation, for better or worse, wasn’t ‘in vogue’. Their food consisted mostly of table scraps with the occassional bone. There was little commercial dog food and what there was was canned, or wet food.

Some may have been good hunters and caught some of their own dinner.

Visits to the vet were irregular unless needed.

Farms, on the whole, were small, family run affairs, using natural fertilsers. The land was clean (ish), except perhaps for industrial pockets.

Dogs suffered more from accidents and fights than from chronic disease.

And because they wandered more than they do today, the natural selection came into play as they chose their own mating partner. So the off spring were healthy. Much healthier than in pedigree dogs, who often have faults designed in.

What happened in the last 60-70 years?

As the human population grew, so too did demands on the land for housing. Farms were now under pressure to produce more food more efficiently. The chemical era came into fruitition. Industry increased, and with that more pollution.

At the same time, the commercial pet food industry took off. With more chemicals on the farm, more farm animals fell sick and died. What to do with all the carcasses?

The human food industry has too many regulations. Not so the pet food industry.

In addition to canning, which is a reasonably expensive process, the technique for dry food was perfected.

With more development, there came more dog control. Now breeds became fashionable. Dogs became financially valuable. Vets and drug companies were keen to use this opportunity and fabricated fears and concerns about dogs health. Vaccines were heralded at the solution.

The effect

So now dogs lives had changed quite dramatically. Their food was commercial, made from poor quality ingredients that were fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals, for ‘balanced nutrition’ and to make the food ‘scientific’. These are cheap, but toxic supplements.

The annual vaccines do prevent some of the acute conditions, but at what cost? Mostly harmless acute conditions are swapped for serious, degenerative, chronic disease later in life.

You can’t mess with Nature and get away with it.

Acute conditions are the normal and natural way anyone ‘educates’ their immune system. They have an important function. Even the so called serious acute diseases only harm those with compromised immune systems - maybe from a poor diet, inbreeding, etc.

All drugs and vaccines are toxic.

So now the dogs are much more toxic than they were before.

All real holistic practitioners understand this. No one in the mainstream health industry admits this.

Cancer in dogs can be fairly and squarely laid at the door of toxins and poor nutrition.

Remove the toxins, increase nutrition

I recall a farm worker whose dogs always accompanied him on his daily duties. They would periodically drink from puddles, rivers or any body of water. Run off from the agriculture chemicals accunulate in water.

His dogs as a young man had always lived to about 12 years of age, and died without health complications. Now, as he reached retirement, his last two dogs had died at 7 and 8 years of age, with cancer.

He put it down to the water they drank. I think it was a bit more complicated than that, but that was certainly a factor.

The first thing to do is to ditch the commercial food. The dry food is the worst as it keeps meat on the shelf indefinitely. You can only achieve that with strong preservatives, preservatives that are so toxic, they would never be allowed in human food.

The canned food may not be so toxic, but is nutrient deficient. To restore health, you not only have to remove the toxins, you also have to improve the nutrition.

The best way to do that is to feed a quality raw meat and bone diet, made lovingly at home.

Once the health starts to improve, the cancer will begin to fade, even in serious cases. Sometimes additional help is also needed.

Annual vaccines don’t have any scientific proof behind them that this is necessary. A single one can last a lifetime.

Cancer in dogs is a man made phenomena that can be reversed. You just need to know the why and the how.


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