Treating rabies is rarely considered possible. The very word rabies strikes a chill in the heart of most people. However, as with every other disease, it is possible to treat rabies with a system of natural dogs health.


Rabies is a very serious condition. It occurs when your dog is bitten by an infected animal. However, to contract the disease, your dog also has to have a depressed immune system. Sadly, this is very common today.

Vaccination against it is a requirement in many parts of the world. However, vaccination is not the panacea it is made out to be. Not only can its side effects be worse than the condition, your dog can contract rabies from the vaccine. There are many unpleasant side effects.

Canine rabies has three phases – the prodromal, the furious and the paralytic. Dogs can go through just one phase or all three.

If your dog has a healthy immune system, it is possible that no symptoms will develop. However, he may show the presence of antibodies in his blood.

Some dogs show anxiety, nervousness, a desire to be alone, fever and a change in character in the prodromal phase. So aggressive dogs can become passive and affectionate dogs can become irritable.

The furious stage is the stage that people know more about. The dog becomes restless and irritable and is disposed to attack anyone and everyone in his path. Sight and hearing may be compromised.

In the paralytic phases, seizures can develop. Muscles can become paralysed. In particular the throat muscles are affected, making swallowing difficult, so the dog drools a lot. Chest muscles can become paralysed, leading to respiratory failure.

While an educated guess can confirm the disease, there is no other way, until the brain is examined after death. Euthanasia is often the only option offered by veterinarians, as there is no treatment.

However, if you isolate your dog, then you can determine if he can recover. Often they will die within a week of showing symptoms. But treatment can be successful if you use a system of natural dogs health care.

Preventing rabies by improving the immune system seems to be a healthy way forward. You can do this by feeding your dog a quality, natural diet and by ensuring all illnesses are treated with natural therapies, in particular with homeopathy. Natural therapies work by raising the immune system. There are no side effects.

If you have no choice in vaccinating your dog, then you can lessen, possibly even eliminate the harmful side effects with good homeopathic treatment.


Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their dog’s health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues and all their veterinarian can offer is drugs and more drugs? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another.Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY your dog is getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their life. A strategy that restores their health and allows you, and them, to enjoy life.

    2 replies to "Treating Canine Rabies Naturally"

    • Candace

      Thanks. My 4 month old puppy had a freshly killed bat and a fresh wound on her face. Since I had the flu I did not get the bat to animal control and am worried for her and the other animals here. This post helped a bit relieve my fear and has given me a direction to pursue to help allay symptoms. We already feed a Pitcairn diet to this now very healthy pup – though she is a rescue so started off in very poor health.

    • Madeleine Innocent

      Yes, it’s all about having a healthy immune system, than about what they (or we) can catch.

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