The natural recovery of dogs with arthritis, or any of the other common, and not so common, diseases is eminently possible. Domestic dogs suffer with a wide range of problems unknown to their wild cousins. This points to the problem being something we humans are doing. If we’re the problem, we can also be the solution, once we know what we’re doing wrong.

Some of the Problems We Humans Create

There are probably countless ways we stray away from healthy living, but three of the most problematic ones for dogs include:

  • poor breeding
  • poor diet
  • poor health care

Poor Breeding in Dogs

It’s not just the inbreeding of close relatives of dogs that create problems. It’s also the human focused desirability of certain traits of different dogs that can present huge problems. Common problems include the weak, sloping back in German Shepherds, the squashed noses in pugs, boxers and the French bulldog that create breathing problems, the long weak back of Dachshunds, the floppy ears of many breeds which affect hearing and trap moisture.

Then there are the mutilations that are performed on dogs for some reason, such as tail docking, which adversely affects the whole nervous system of the dog.

In other words, humans completely ignore the healthy aspects when breeding pedigree dogs. They go with the current fashion. Weaknesses are simply accepted as normal.

Poor Diet in Dogs Lead to Health Challenges

With the advent of commercial dog food 50 – 60 odd years ago, nutrition has suffered the same fate as the breeding. Food that is discarded for human consumption is eagerly bought up cheaply by the commercial pet food industries. All manner of other waste products end up in pet food such as road kill, rancid or decaying food crops, perhaps the euthanised animals from veterinary clinics, as the drug has been found in pet food.

To try to add some form of nutrition to this unsavoury soup, supplements are added. However, these supplements are those cheap ones made in a laboratory, normally from chemicals. This isn’t food. You can fool us humans with pretty packets and fancy advertising, but you can’t fool the body of the dog.

The pet food industry has very few regulations and even fewer that are binding. This leaves the industry wide open to ‘anything goes’. You may never hear about all the recalls that are quietly removed from the shelves.

Poor Health Care For Canines

The veterinary industry, just as the medical industry, is caught up in what is. They only look at the presenting complaint without considering the cause, the lifestyle of the patient, the diet or any other contributing factors. They’ve been taught by the drug companies to match a drug to a condition.

Since these never address the cause, they can never heal. So people have been conditioned to thinking that many health problems are irreversible and the dog has to be on drugs for life. Great for the drug companies. Not so great for your dog. Or your wallet.

However, when you open your mind to possibilities, to the fact that wild dogs don’t suffer as domestic dogs do, then the probability of the natural recovery of dogs with arthritis, or whatever, becomes very real.

Focusing on What You Can Do Now

Although you can’t do much about the breeding of your current dog, although you can for any future dogs, you can still improve the odds of a healthy life by diet, lifestyle and health care.

The diet of a wild dog (wolves, coyotes, hyenas, dingos, etc) consists of wild prey when there is plenty about. When their prey are not so plentiful, they can survive on roots, fruit and any any other animals around – earthworms, insects, etc.

This means dogs are adaptable, but their preferred diet is meat and bones. They’re not obligate carnivores, but they are at the carnivore end of the scale. They’re also scavengers, so can eat rotting meat with gusto and come to no harm.

These are all natural sources of food. They’re in perfect and natural balance, provide all the nutrition a healthy dog, or wolf, needs. It also provides the endurance to hunt another day.

Feeding your dog in a similar fashion can reverse arthritis, or any other disease, give a declining dog more energy and enthusiasm for life and is easy on your wallet. You’ve started on the road to natural recovery of dogs with arthritis.

Not all health problems can fully and completely heal simply by a change of diet. Many can, but the chronic ones, and the ones that have been complicated by veterinary drugs may need an extra helping hand. Holistic health care offers that extra helping hand.

Holistic health care is an energetic system of health restoration. It works with the body’s own healing capacity and looks for areas that could have been the trigger in the decline in health.

Homeopathic treatment offers you one of the best holistic health care systems there is. Dogs are normally happy to take the medicines and recovery can be swift or sure and steady, depending on many factors.

Don’t accept limitations. You’re in control. That’s empowering.


Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their dog’s health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues and all their veterinarian can offer is drugs and more drugs? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another.Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY your dog is getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their life. A strategy that restores their health and allows you, and them, to enjoy life.

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