This homeopathic complex is made from several homeopathic remedies in a low potency that are useful in resolving an infestation of fleas in a dog.  The vial size is 15ml. It comes with a dropper for ease of use. There is enough that will probably last the life of your dog, as long as you are feeding them appropriately.


Suggested dose is to add a couple of drops, into a separate bowl of water from the normal one, every 2 – 3 days. Your dog will be drawn to this as appropriate. Otherwise you can drip a couple of drops onto the shoulders once a day. Or if your dog is compliant, a couple of drops once a day into the mouth. Don’t stress your dog.

Stop when you see improvement.

The cost of this complex is $24

$15 postage within Australia

$30 postage for worldwide

Allow upwards of a week for delivery.

Please note – the price of the postage may increase without notice. This is outside my control.