If you are seeking to purchase a suitable gastrointestinal dog food, I suggest you need to do more research. Why? First, because the likelihood of buying a commercial food that will help your dog’s gastro problem is poor. And second, because getting the right food is only half the answer. It is better to look for the cause of the problem, sort that out, then feed natural, species-specific food.

gastrointestinal dog food

That may be a lot to take in, in one breath, so let’s start by looking at possible causes.

In the past few decades, dog health has deteriorated as quickly as human health. In this time, there have been three major changes in the world that have impacted our health and that of domestic animals in a negative way. Perhaps more, but let’s focus on the major ones.

Agriculture has moved into agribusiness. Local family farms have been replaced by factory farms. The mantra has been on more and more for less and less. In other words, more produce to sell for less outlay, so increasing profits. Few family farms were like this.

This has resulted in poorer and poorer quality of food with less and less nutrients. So, even if our dogs are eating the same food their forebears were eating say 50 years ago, they would not be getting the same nutrition. If you don’t have the right nutrition, you can’t be healthy. Disease will and does inevitably occur, usually sooner rather than later.

Right, you say, buy a good brand of commercial dog food which is balanced. Wrong! The packet may say it is balanced, but commercial dog food is, once again, all about profit. More is normally spent on the packet and the marketing to vets, than on the ingredients.

The ingredients are very poor quality as anything vaguely good is sold as human food. Fat is a major ingredient, as humans don’t want this. Frequently, the ‘meat’ comes from rendering plants, which take in road kill, diseased animals, vet euthanised pets, and so forth. A rendering plant is a dumping ground.

This is bulked out by cheap grain or other plant based food.

Then, in an attempt to address the shortfall in nutritious food, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added. These often can’t be digested and can accumulate to cause mischief, which no-one ever suspects as the cause. To keep a long shelf life, preservatives are added, often very strong ones that would not be allowed in human food, because of their toxicity. And finally dyes are added to make it look presentable to us, and flavours to persuade the poor dogs to eat it.

In your wildest dreams, do you really consider this concoction will make for a healthy dog?

All commercial pet foods are pretty much the same to some degree.

So, to what extent are you confident of finding a good commercial gastrointestinal dog food?

And if you could, it doesn’t address the cause. So let’s look at the third major change that has affected us and our animals in the last 50 or so years.

Veterinary business has boomed in this time, with dogs receiving annual vaccines and medication in much higher levels than ever before.

Vaccines have become so entrenched in people’s ideas of the prevention of disease, they simply accept them without doing any research or questioning them. Vaccines are routinely given to healthy puppies at very young ages. Many then start to become unhealthy. Allergies are one of the most common consequences in dogs, cats, people and anyone who has been vaccinated.

However, the veterinary personal have been well trained by the pharmaceutical industry so any link is hotly denied. The fact is though, that unvaccinated dogs don’t have the same level of allergies, if any.

So the caring person, not wanting to see their dog suffer from allergies, goes back to the vet, who will almost always prescribe antibiotics.

All antibiotics destroy gut bacteria. And since antibiotics will never cure an allergy, many courses are given, often of a stronger and stronger nature.

With the gut bacteria now seriously depleted, gastrointestinal disease in dogs is inevitable. Gut bacteria is essential to a healthy gut.

I hope you can now see the slippery slope in deteriorating dog health drugs create. None of them cure. And we haven’t even talked about the side effects they have.

So what can you do? Is your dog destined to have a health problem and drugs the rest of his life? Well, that’s up to you, because there is a way out.

Gastrointestinal problems in dogs can be overcome. It would start with finding the services of a homeopathic vet or practitioner as this is definitely not a DIY solution. A good homeopath will start the treatment with either a suitable well being remedy or by detoxing the vaccines and drugs. This depends on the amount of information you can furnish them with, as well as how they prefer to work.

It may take time and a few visits, but good treatment will see your dog improve almost from the first day.

Early on in the treatment, a good homeopath will teach you to feed your dog a natural, quality, species-specific food. This may come under the heading of gastrointestinal dog food, but it could just as easily come under the heading of anything that helps with any health condition. Or natural dog food. Or food for a naturally healthy dog.

The combination of good homeopathic treatment and natural food will boost your dogs immune system and you may find that other problems disappear. Far from needing vaccines to prevent disease, your dog needs a healthy immune system. Then you don’t need to worry about the type of disease as a well functioning immune system takes care of all.


Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their dog’s health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues and all their veterinarian can offer is drugs and more drugs? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another.Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY your dog is getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their life. A strategy that restores their health and allows you, and them, to enjoy life.

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