There are many homeopathic remedies for dogs, which can support the recovery from any ailment. In holistic health care dogs, and any other animal, are not treated any differently from people. This means all the same remedies are used. But not necessarily for the same presenting condition.

homeopathic remedies for dogsIf you search for a homeopathic remedy for arthritis in dogs, say, you may well come across a short list of homeopathic remedies that may help. But, and this is a very big BUT, the results may not last. Why not?

Homeopathy is one of the few disciples of health care that don’t match a prescription to a condition of ill health. Health is far, far more complicated than that.

When a drug, for instance, is matched to a medical condition, no understanding, or even an attempt to understand, what is really going on has been made. And if you don’t try to understand the cause of the problem, you will never get the results you want.

Health is complicated. There are many reasons why your dog may be suffering from a skin condition, a heart condition or an autoimmune condition. So trying to manage that condition with any prescription, natural or medical, just may not be of much help.

So let’s look at some of the areas of a lifestyle that can lead to poor health in dogs.

In my understanding, diet is probably the most important cause of every poor health condition in any dog, or in anyone. Think of it as fuel in an engine. Put the wrong fuel in and you can ruin an engine. Put the wrong food in your dog and you can ruin their health.

And that is exactly what most people are doing when they feed their dog any commercial dog food, whether recommended by your vet or whether you bought it from a specialised dog shop. Commercial dog food, has pretty packets and qualified people supporting it. But the contents wreak havoc on your dogs health.

Commercial dog food is low in quality nutrition and high in toxins. By a simple switch to a quality, natural dog food that mirrors his evolution, many, if not most even serious conditions, simply melt away.

Another major contributor to poor health in dogs as in anyone, is their health care. All veterinary medications are toxic and work by suppressing the immune system. When the immune system is suppressed, the body is dominated by the drug.

Any drug has a more deleterious affect on the dog’s economy, than a natural disease, so the effort goes into managing its effect on the body. The natural problem takes second place, so is often relegated to the back row. This means it appears to be cured. But it is far from being cured.

And the third factor that can contribute to a disease in a dog is their environment. If they are unhappy, frightened or out of sync with a normal, natural life as far as dogs go, then disease can readily take a hold. Things that lead to this can be obvious, such as being left out in the elements without adequate shelter, not getting enough food or water, being badly treated, etc.

But there are many things that contribute to a dog’s unhappiness and so disease that many people do not realise. For example, dogs are pack animals so a lone dog left all day can be frightening for them.

Dogs need exercise. Dogs need freedom to examine interesting smells. They need to check their SMS’s/emails along their walk. They need the sun. They need access to grass and herbs to self medicate. They need to feel the healing power of the earth beneath their feet.

And finally, dogs need a leader. Not a leader according to human terms, that often inflict domination with cruel methods. Leadership according to dog. A natural leader who will never get angry, never get frightened and is capable of protecting the pack from danger.

So can you see the futility of simply looking for a solution before you consider the cause? Yes, absolutely homeopathic remedies for dogs can and do support a return to good health, but only when the cause of the problem is also being addressed. Then miracles can happen.

This takes experience, appreciation of the natural order and training, none of which you may have. So my recommendation is to seek out a homeopathic therapist, who is genuine and who you can work with.


Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their dog’s health? They want to know WHY they suffer with health issues and all their veterinarian can offer is drugs and more drugs? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another.Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY your dog is getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of their life. A strategy that restores their health and allows you, and them, to enjoy life.

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